A Bit About Us

We are passionate about small business. Seriously.
Small businesses drives the growth of our economy. We are entrepreneurs as well and know what it is like to balance work and family. You’ve heard the saying “Why waste frustrating hours of time working IN your business when you could spend more time working ON your business?” We’ve learned that the hard way too, and now we have beaten our own faults. We’ve spent countless hours working with many customers to grow and automate their businesses. We know what it takes to make automation work for you.

Vital Consulting was started to connect with business owners with real-world solutions and coaching to help them succeed and reach their full potential. We want to help bring businesses back to life, and revitalize marketing and sales funnels with new technology and automation. Vital Consulting quickly grew by creating raving fans out of clients that were disappointed with their Keap application. The company was founded in 2010 by JR Keene who is a former Keap employee and understands the “in’s and out’s” of online automation. We are proud to say that we now work with a wide variety of CRMs, business platforms, and web solutions.

Some Of Our Happy Customers

We Love What We Do And That Makes A World Of Difference

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